the vessels of the manubrium, with absence of tlie light spot,

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that the practice prevailed in Greek cults, though perhaps

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op. cit., pp. 1576-1580; Cumont, op. cit., pp. 74 ft.; J. G. Milne,

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The history of residence in a malarious locality, the tempera-

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the State must satisfy you from the evidence, beyond a reason-

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names represent, there are two affections — distinct in origin

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e(»nplain of its unpleasant taste and in some instances CTen of nausea

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Indo-Iranian unity, whence, compared with those of the

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The house surgeon who assisted him by making counter-press-

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ety. North and South must grow strong enough to sepa-

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since the causes of all diseases were believed to be prac¬

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Large Intea-uteeine Myoma removed by Laparotomy. —

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never fallen to the writer's lot to have a case that could not

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paring of medicines for all parts of the body of the pa¬

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cation. To determine this required no little judgment, and he

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regarded as Iupiter and Iuno); and it may possibly be

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Haldane, of Edinburgh ; the Rev. Dr. Haughton, of Dublin ;

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already said, vomiting rarely occurs, and very often there is

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ing, shown by Dr. F. E. Beokwith, which had been made by

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cai-ies of the ankle joint, not having been able to .stand and walk

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ocular muscles during the application of the eye-glasses excited

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had been employed. Over four hundred of the patients died,

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tract the reticular processes (process of Lenhossek) is dis-

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glucosides are those with broken compensation. It must be borne in mind

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well, with good, healthy color, and reporting that she had ex-

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brated March 16 and 17, and May 14, when the Homans

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patient was able to raise it snfliciently to allow the operator to