of scarlet fever, and unlike it, does not cover the whole body. This
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brain, nothing fartlier could be remarked than that the vessels Avere
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gravel, but if large they are known as calculi. When a gravel forms
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from any aft'ection of the joints, as in old cases of infantile paralysis,
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gland. It is about the shape and size of a horse chestnut. It
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as a definite pathological event, which is often associated with neurasthenic
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ingestion of fluids and excretion of urine large deficits are found which
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The overloading of the urine Avith urates and uric acid, which are
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the aorta. If one or more of these segments should be so altered as
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may be repeated in two or four hours. Ipecac, is much lauded
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the day. Patient was freely stimulated, but gradually sank and died.
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intervals, on isolated days or on several successive days. In the faeces they
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been made to the evil effects of its neglect (p. 102) . When pruritus
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els in consequence of their irritant action; but constant repetition
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other varieties of coma have to be excluded. This is done by consideration
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future and thereby loses his enjoyment of the present, and only too
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substances, we have but to look at the belief that one food is better than
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The larger articulations of the upper and lower extremities, and of
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cal substance of the lens is not destroyed, the cataract usually im-
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sage. In the case of progressive ossifying myositis the only remedy
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belong to the arthritic class. The cutaneous manifestations are not
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tube casts, which, if persistent, indicate Bright's disease.
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and for more than half a century his reputation was
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other one. Again when tlie ])ritient stu]ids upon the sound leg and
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ing. The temptations of the table should be removed. Pastry,
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one of the most efficient agents for the relief of suffering. It is most
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2. In contrast to these relativelj^ favorable cases are others with
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value of the albumin equals that of the carbohydrates, the great
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under one hundred degrees the sickness is slight, while if above a
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flammation, redness, pain and swelling about the root of the nail,
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during the height of the disease, but precautions as to diet, clothing, exercise,
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The children of x^hthisical jjarents are in turn apt to die of the same
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slight exertion it can be protruded from the mouth or moved from
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