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Phosphorus, Spirit of. — D., m. 7-20 (cc. .5-1.3).

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haps venous blood a little redder, but I could not be certain. No

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Projjerties. — In hard masses, orange-brown, opaque^

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chorea, aiul ascites, from iicpatic disease, resulted. In other eases

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no urine passed during the night. But the nurse showed me about

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tism, myalgia, sprains, shoulder lameness, swollen joints,

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Dose.—B.. & C, 3 ss.-i. (15.-30.); Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i. (2.-4.);

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expressing a wish to be taken to the hospital of La Charite. On the

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ointment is used most effectively after the actual cautery, to

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saves the undertaking from the charge of rashness. Among the new

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talline masses ; odorless, and having an acrid and persistent

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the ligatures act as a seton in maintaining an outlet for the discharges, and it matters veiy

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Nervous System. — The influence of veratroidine upon

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inflammatory exudations, dropsies and oedemas, since the

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■oxide, in varying proportions, with water of crystallization.

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and to recommend such as are entitled to furloughs to the proper

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Tapor, when mixed with air and ignited, explodes violently.

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inhalations of ammonia, together with artificial respiration^

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Action Internal. — Veratrine is a powerful irritant. If

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halation of medicated steam and sprays, used mainly for

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the bowels in dogs (piles, duodenitis and intestinal catarrh)

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in hospital and quarters 101 sick and wounded men. Most of these

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masses, hard and brittle, showing a crystalline fracture ;

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C5H15N OJ, and, with alkalies, forms (4) cannabine. None

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of these fevers ; this may sometimes have happened, but I think it