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It is a curious circumstance in the history of the subject, that, twelve years prior to the asseveration of Virchow that suck things were impossible, and twenty-one years anterior to the researches of Cohnbeim, an English physiologist of great repute had forestalled the necessity botb of the statement and counter-statement of these illustrious German observers: to. Section A Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System in tlio College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, etc., Physician to 50 the Department for Di-seases of the Nervous System of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, New York. Eggs, the yelks of two and one-half, to be beaten with one-half cup of loaf sugar: drug.

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I place canine in nomination member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Towards the middle of the last century, the epidemics of the disease occurred more or less frequently in France, Sweden, and America, and it is said that Washington lost his life from an attack of the malady (anxiety). That more of the disease dose existed in the herd, as several voung calves died and some cows, retained their placentae. Wash., get on"Various Obstructions in Cows' Teats," Dr, Phillips described his method of removing them, having lately had better paper on"Abdominal Operations in the Dog." Dr. Hard swelling of the muscles of the buttocks "dosage" and thighs, deranged motor power, and coffee-brown urine. Until such a product is available tuberculins unifonn in potency can overdose not be obtained. This pain usually side comes on suddenly, and, after lasting for a certain length of time, either passes entirely away or becomes much less severe. We scarcely need to point out that toxin and antitoxin unite in definite proportions and the former will always kill when in excess (normal). Spirits of class wine, two tablespoonsful. FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE SEVERE IN EUROPE FROM a recent Belgian official report we learn that the present epixootic of foot-and-mouth disease presents an exceptional gravity in the greater part of Europe, with an increased mortality among young aniiiials ami frequently also among adult animals: off.