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anaesthetic to the medulla and the pulmonary and cardiac plexus.

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certain of the appearances seen by him. On the whole, however, he

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nent than those of the volatile cardiac stimulants. Strychnine, moreover,

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impossible. It is fair to add, however, that the protective value of the anti-

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A knowledge of the various strengths of disinfectant and antiseptic

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the membranes contain proteid substances which are not albumoses, but

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[Communicated for the Boston Medical and Surfdcal Journal.]

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tanism, after having traversed the Union in one triumphant march of im-

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of intoxication, the laboratory has conclusively demonstrated that the

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efficacy of medicine almost entirely : he even threw doubt on the use of

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and there can be no doubt that a good many of the cases of death from

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The recoveries were chiefly in the slighter or more chronic cases ; and the

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total number ; but where the femoral glands have been distinguished

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pentoxifylline (trental) for intermittent claudication

ologie, 1895, where also useful references will be found. — 13. Haffkine. Brit. Med.

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visits. Too frequently some benevolent person, feeling the need of

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cases the tinnitus is arrested during the passage of the current, and

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continues up to the end of the second week, and often to the middle or

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gastric or intestinal lesion, and severe emaciation is common. The

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All these cultures have a peculiarly disagreeable aromatic odour.

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ing may be employed, or an ice-bag applied to the head. If these fail

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drink, through stone, but the laborers have no such preparation, and thej

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ences. The Riviera has the first claim on our attention.

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that in fever the production of heat is on the whole somewhat increased

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that customary, but very unwholesome, combination, the tea-dinner, is

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perties of the wandering and fixed mesodermal cells may be brought

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BAPaK. Soc. med. des hopitaur,\>i'iiQ,ieb. — .5. Bare, Dr. James. Lancet, W.)\, vol. \.

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Sugar in small amoimt and fruits. Claret or dry Moselle with water,