an existing paralysis is of grave significance. As mentioned, Drayton
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poisoning, Ballard has shown that of thirteen instances of meat poisoning,
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5. — (1) Every hospital I'cceiving aid from (hilario under
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tonsils were enucleated October 1918. Following the attack of influenza he
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received diets high in protein ; others, diets high in fat ; and others again,
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the spot where the bacilli have entered. Probably infection is often
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with a sharp-pointed scalpel, and an aspirating needle inserted to
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For full information and terms apply to the Secretary of the Faculty of
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relief, however, keep getting shorter and spontaneous cure cannot be
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When it is necessary to use hypnotics for some time (and such
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Etiology. — Diabetes is not a common disease. At the Manchester
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case of tuberculous ulcers of the intestine there are often to be seen on
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vW 1 ^ ^ therapeutic use of staphylococcus pyogenes aureus
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the vertebral body joints. The latter do not fit closely so that there
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plumbo-solvency is increased, and (2) working among lead or its salts.
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that practically all of these methods were developed by members of
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much certainty by operation. The danger of operation is not great.
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and even fatal symptoms are known to have followed their application.
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The official tigures are: Totally blind — 41 cases; one eye
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possible that there is sufficient dilatation to rupture the elastic fibres, or
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partly of epithelial scales and partly of micro-organisms. When a furred
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fhould be added to the ingredients they are anointed
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ment in zoological collections, have been found at one time or another to
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phosphorus were substituted for yellow in the manufacture of matches.
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surgically, but in some patients the morbid process advances, until nearly
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Among important aetiological causes may be mentioned : haemorrhage, j
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a blow, but particularly chills — seem at times to have a marked influ-
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the pains. Diet should be light and digestible. The patient should keep
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depression. The motions are clay-coloured, and the bowels are constipated.
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median and ulnar nerves in the palm must be examined.
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Diagnosis. — The difficulties of diagnosis are in connection with
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tw^een brown and light ; the bay forrel, inclining to
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Iron is valuable when chlorosis is combined with phthisis, but in ordinary
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efficacious than any preparation of it. Balls of the
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differing in their morbid anatomy and symptoms. A few cases have
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