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(1) ^ '»^«nc«-type scale for detemlnlng weights of individual eggs.

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at the base of the heart, are often present, in exophthalmic goiter.

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by holding the flexed thigh tightly with the hand and making the patient ex-

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changes to which the morbid symptoms must be referred, has, however, only

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•type of contract Sd fis sSe^J lS2l?t?oI^! ^Slf'^^"'' 5^"^^ tMs

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A careful study, however, will disclose the egotism, the unreasonableness, the

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decomposed, or unwholesane pntt^cB is Issued or offered for sale." \ *.ain,na«a.

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Others, having already become corpulent, eat less, to be sure, than they used

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origin?) is also not rare at the beginning of the affection. The course of

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equally common in the two sexes, perhaps a little commoner in the male.

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of disease. We may also consider in diagnosis the fact that glioma often

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then sodic hydrate is added. The urine assumes a reddish color, which be-

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weeks, especially in cases where the Wassermann reaction remains positive.— K.]

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tially of a new outgrowth from the maimed neurons. The old nerve sheaths

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cine each occupy at least ninety lessons. The course of Tocology

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e. Refrigeration. Plants carry on a life process of resplratlw* imt «s anitwls 4o.

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Mental s}mrptoms are rare, except the initial loss of consciousness. There

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sensory. Here we have peculiar pargesthesise, beginning in the arm or leg, or

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to the territory actually destroyed. They are due to the influence exerted for

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also at the beginning of IGchadmas Term. The subjects are the same as are

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any unusual agitation. Here the efficient psychical cause is often hidden by

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phobia), hence he must perform endless ablutions and take all manner of

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Fees, — For hospital practice and lectures, 75 guineas.

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inkial shock, but are nevertheless temporary, vanishing sooner or later, at the

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the contact comes during processing; therefore, care oust be taken to

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original size, durlr^ cooking, -^irwe moisti^re is expetled arei acid develops, caus1n'§

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.ne.casteurusc skTm nllk. The amount added should be about 1 percent of the amount of

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Yetta Scheftel, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Neurology.

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Autumn, Winter, Spring, hours to be arranged, Kyes, Kenton.

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in particular of that portion which supplies the cheek, complicating the glosso-