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siderable variation could be obtained, depending on

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L. D. Williams, Assistant Surgeon-General W. J. Pettus, re-

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tutes a menace to the public health, and yet an at-

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Dr. S. W. Abbott in the report of the State Board of Health for 1888.

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lation than Hong Kong, and that the local conditions

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p. 54). In both articles the credit of the first informa-

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tion of our brethren by foreigners, and especially so

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Francisco, Cal., on June 29, 1903. for examination to determine

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ular attention will be paid to the subjects of plague,

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acid and pep.sin in the gastric juice of both healthy

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dical fees should be extended to include fractures and

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be tried, but in this case the action of the silver ni-

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a fit of coughing, so terrible as almost to choke him ;

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aortic disease is seldom noticed till cardiac failure

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of all creatures the last one would have expected to

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should its cosmopolitan excellence be unnoticed. The

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in less than 5 seconds, by 1 : 5,000 in less than 15

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Fig. 4. — Branchial cyst, showing opening of sinus just to left

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during which time the lung had expanded over the upper

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When I saw her shortly after her arrival, she looked

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reserved a tract of land for an army station, is located in

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