eye, which obliged him immediately to desist. Vision became impaired

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drug business. Also for sale, the present stock and fixtures of the store, on terms uocomBOBli ai'

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I— apoplexy, 3— marasmus, 3— inflammation of the lungs, 3— disease of spine, I— gangrene, 1— ery-

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ulcer may, under suitable treatment, improve, or even heal, but it is very

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the poison may be more obvious. The nerve symptoms are very irregular ;

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The only treatment which offers any prospect of success is total removal

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to extract and which to retain, so as to make room in the arches. As a

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for some time without affecting the constitution, more particularly when

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relapse may last five days or be long protracted, longer even than the

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solitary congenital pigmented wart is apt to be the starting-point of a

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an explosion, fractured the skull over the right eye, midway of the ibre-

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six pounds, which consisted of pus and bloody serum, in which were

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In man, as we shall see in considering secondary myxoedema, removal

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only fatal case which happened in my own practice, occurred in this

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The prognosis is fairly good in the slighter cases of syphilitic rhinitis, as

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Mr. Chester were sent for, when, afier many fruitless attempts to pass