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the performance of the functions of health}- joints.
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tic seizure, the bromides of potassium and sodium were freely
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Dr. Wight said that there might have been cases of double
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centralization and the concentration of religious control
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Passing up the side of the uterus, it finally anastomoses with the
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the Park Avenue Hotel, where Dr. Adams had resided of late,
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for contemporaries, and for modern investigators only
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Dr. F. N. Otis had never seen a case of chancre of the ton-
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often came in sealed writing, but in certain instances the
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more permanent than that of amyl nitrite or nitroglycerin. Sometimes
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Saturday, May 3d: American Surgical Association (fourth
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M^iJl^St\^iiecXa\ Tonics: ;::::::::::::: lii ^he Mississippi Vailey Medical" A:ssociation: : ; : 1296
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an additional indication for operation, the case was reported of
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ripening cataracts of middle life and the immature senile
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cussion, and, while not wishing to anticipate the discussion,
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the authority of the Sibylline Books. 217 From the moment
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ence), I washed out the ear with a common syringe, carefully
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Bona Dea was essentially a deity of women, symboliz¬
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ancients, is gener;dly looked upon as a novelty at the present
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cal Society, of the Intern.ational Medical Congress, and of the
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enormous prestige in the Peloponnesos, to Athens, and
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and a two-and-a-half-pcr-cent. solution of carbolic acid.
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counsel; and his error seems to have arisen from over¬
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from Central Africa, appears in a picture, from the
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they were more frequently those of lower and chthonian
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early Hindu period. The folk-belief. Mythology. Disease in
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Titane. 220 Hermes was sometimes associated with her as
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themselves were considered to have spiritual power over
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tradition to Zoroaster himself; but some other parts
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centa, means very difEerent conditions, each requiring its appro-
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the Great Balance and determined the weight of the hu¬
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The lines of traction run from the lateral uterine wall to the