affairs will be found to exist in other parts of the spine.
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extract is to be used twice a day. The tincture is employed as a local
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systemic disturbance that I think it must be conceded that
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adopted the figure, but changed the fable, and set up
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dies present the same general pathological characteristics —
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mon to New Year celebrations, and was attended by the
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were assured that if they would purify the body, Isis
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Case I. — Mrs. F., aged thirty, for two years a widow, with
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The Phesident remarked, with reference to Dr. Post's case
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ine injection. This was adopted at once, with prompt amelio-
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finally brought about recovery and caused less cicatricial tis-
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of anatomy. Dr. T. T. Sabine. His medical, like his classical,
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(Washington, D. C), to represent the Medical Department ot
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made his moral justification before his judges, being
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tal Medical College will be begun on the 7th of June, and it
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Under these circumstances the proportion of the weight
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you can increase your present income 50 per cent. Let us
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of Neuro- Anatomy and Pathology at the New York Post-Grad-
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der he found a calculus with a cockspur-projeotion, which he
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KATHERINE L. STORM, M. D., 1612 Diamond St., Philadelphia
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It is made after a formula originating with Dr. Fowler,
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eral times weekly, invariably between 11 P. M. and 7 A. II.
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There are ■ome people, however, who cannot take digitalis by the mouth
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were regarded as public benefactors. Neglect of the gods
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theria, the remainder for croup. In all, the operation was one
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of opinion of thousands of physicians, his statements merit consideration and his product de-
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on the third day, and readily yielded to the abdominal coil.
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to which I refer is biting the finger-nails off very close on each