Inlying 15-20 injections (1-2 a week) under the is&in of the abdomen.
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op. cit., iii, 65, 250-251). The serpent was the emblem of
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or so-called acute tonsillitis, is the only exception, but this
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W. Chamberlain, G. L. Porter; Committee to Nominate a
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perienced in the loss of his son. Dr. William Ilustace Hubbard,
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how any firm of good standing can be a party to such frauds.
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the bones of the embryo and child (Arnobius, op. cit.,
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results. This, too, is a renal diuretic and does not injure the epithelium
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Rome with their remedial herbs. Etruria was a land of
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cation with him came later at Epidauros. Together with
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Cairo, and Mr. Francis McNally, a citizen of the United States,
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of teaching, although in some points many would hold different
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mortems, dissecting, or attending any contagious diseases,
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Senate, when their own deities failed, directed the augurs
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tree was necessary for the renovation of the universe
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mates of their position and influence (little used in healĀ¬
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hangs free, but, if the syringotorae (Lecture II, p. 2.37) or
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V, xxii; VI, xx; vidradha (abscess) in VI, cxxvii; pak-
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to regain its normal state. Probably some of the members of
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Martin, W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from U.
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prayers to Asklepios (Livy, x, 47), so that it was not until
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The favorable results of the operation in this class of
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40), astronomy, and legislation; while many of the Greek