Copious notes (inserted in brackets, [ ] ) have been added to contribute
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for five days, prepared fresh, and employed in proper cases, the
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manner was the direct reflection of his heart, as far removed as
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will be found to have retained their original size and shape,
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tinct, these sun-gods were correlated. Horus became the
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of Thoth is a lofty and beautiful conception, and is, per¬
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the kidney structure which only fail to produce constitu-
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eaosing belching, thus relieving the patient of gas. Magnesium dioxide
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were held also at Byrkos on Karpathos, Kalymna, Ephe-
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stances of a male parentage by a serpent are related in
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showed pliotograplis of a gigantic plane-tree that stands in the
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There being no cutting dilator nor other instrument of the
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to as Weret-hike’, ‘she who is great of magic’ ( Turin
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disease” referred to prophylaxis, these customs may
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Ophthalmoplegia Externa Progressiva. — Dr. Birdsall
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says to the patient. " You sutfer at seeing me suffer," replies the pa-
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tion of the Public Health, and in Refutation of Charges made
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If Dr. Formad, during the three or four days of his attend-
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’Anuqet. Apis. Bes, or Besa. Epet, or Ueret. Hat-hor.
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ing the bequest, to the University of Pennsylvania or the New
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The Address in Surgeet. — By permission, the address was
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they set up an oracle. Mopsos was worshipped as a heal¬
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which he argued were highly detrimental, and denounced them
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foundations upon which all subsequent progress in medi¬
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Interesting reminiscences of a pliysician wiio spent several years of his life at an
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our Academy which seem to me curious and interesting. The
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acy in his own shrine was usurped by Marduk, and he
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which, in their cult, strongly resembled those of Baby¬
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took a dose of morphine from a bottle which he himself had