(ib., xxvi, 43); for constipation or retention of urine (ib.,
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apparent are proportionately destitute of nerve cells. These
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three pints of thick but healthy pus were removed by the aspi-
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the soul itself in dreaming.” Artemidoros (I, i b-2)
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be attributed to the degree of dilution of the alcohol before its
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meeting, was read by the secretary and ordered on the minutes.
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tion was put, Dr. Austin Flint, Sr., stated that he had been an
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that arteriosclerosis, even with increased blood pressure, is no contra-
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Polias; as protector of its health she was Athena Hy-
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the womb, to the pelvic fascia, and to the intestines was a thick-
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and found albuminuria in seven. This albuminuria was in
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science in Europe,” was on an island on the Dorian coast
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Election of Officers. — Dr. B. G. Wilder, of Ithaca, N. Y.,
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even death, from the accidental administration of poisonous doses of
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Greek Damia was identified with Bona Dea, and the rites
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these symptoms. I regard it as scarcely necessary to state
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Wednesday in April of each year. Further information may
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nut be very difficult to make the diagnosis in marked cases. It
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Johnson, Henry, Captain and Medical Storekeeper. Re-
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and apparently asphyxiated. With his own breath— mouth to
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the rain banished disease and death, besides revivifying
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the wife of the chief of the community, her daughters, and
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when the membranes ruptured and a sudden gush of water, fol-
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subject. The most frequent tumors were lymphoma, sarcoma,
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hoBmorrhage ; the drain is seized in the protruding forceps and
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cold bath, or sometimes a salt or sea bath, which was
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diums who incubated for suppliants and who were called
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divinity and power of the god; and that these records on