confirmed by vote of the society: President, Dr. Daniel S.

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Till in the temple she slept, whence as a mother she went.

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diseases, therefore, were due to a deviation of the process of

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in Religionsgeschichtliche Versuche und Vorarbeiten, 1913, xiii, 1-

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it is advisable to extend our study, if we wish it to be most

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appeals to the deities, and the religious practices by

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features of hip disease, and being assured of the favorable

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water poured in. A cork label is thrown into the solution,

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Borne after the birth of her child by Nero ; 88 and, in celeĀ¬

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noon. These children were in an asylum, and were all con-

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procedure obtained most valuable information by which we

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epigastrium. An emetic of mustard, salt, and water was given,

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small to justify a positive conclusion. The duration of labor

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ulcer of the stomach. lie had had five or six severe attacks

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drews, M. n., and Gustavus P. Head, M. D. VoL III, 366 pages. Nolo

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burst either sjiontaneously or under the pressure of an ordinary

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we should always begin with a weak solution, say one per cent.

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after its use more frequently in chronic nephritis without dropsy. When-

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girl in whom I was greatly interested. In spite of the treat-

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" retreat " ; there is no provision for the detention of paupers ;

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meal from night to the middle of the day or even vice versa, a neutral

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dition of the riglit eye, appeared, followed in two weeks by im-

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elektron, 181 and inducing her to come to Delos to assist at

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death. Khonsu made women and cattle to become fertile.

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upon the outer surface of the moist gauze, which is then

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immediately follows and the taking of colds becomes corre-

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The position of the fragments incased in the apparatus under

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