a kind of superior genius to act as his monitor and guide.
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Health, with the double purpose of aiding the Government
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diastase, etc., as organic poisons, they may act as irritants when
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daily forced inspiration, etc. ; but the most thorough and
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especially in Britain. Many herbs were used with the
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might be mistaken lor rheumatic fever, for in the case of three
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matous, skin jaundiced, cranial and thoracic organs not exam-
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together under one roof, they should be put into small cot-
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can, therefore, be affirmed with certainty that the latter variety
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vantari is not mentioned in the Vedas, and it may be that
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the prehistoric blendings of the religious faith and prac¬
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May Isis heal me as she healed her son Horus of all the pains
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accomplish malevolent designs upon mankind. The spirit¬
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63 Jastrow, “Sumerian and Akkadian Views of Beginnings,” in
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the Greek Asklepios at Pergamon and elsewhere, which
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to be congratulated for being able to overcome adduction with-
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Some of the statistics and observations, or their results, have
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tion of Eshmun and Asklepios, youthful and beardless,
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in place when the heart is very weak, and digitalis where its action is
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Astronoe fell in love with him while hunting in the forest,
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gods, recounts his sufferings, and tells how the demons
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represented the seeding; Flora, the blossoming; Ceres,
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tumor to determine the extent of the adhesions, if any. The
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use a soft catheter every hour for nearly three months. Im-
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stant leakage of fou! pus was the prime factor in producing so unusu-
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Roman gods had been supplanted except Vesta (a symbol
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eventually all the great medical centers were located at
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be preferred to carbolic acid. He had used carbolic acid for ten
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Case II. Traumatic Abscess of the Abdominal Wall. — In
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and were the personifications of the powers opposed to
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panied by many symptoms caused by the pathological condition of the
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