larged, with the unmistakable signs of the primary carcinoma, as of the

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The disease attacks children chiefly, but youth and adults

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duration being considerably more than one year. Its duration may be

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diagnosticated by a physical examination. shoAving the organ to be en-

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Definition. — An acute catarrh of the Schneiderian membrane, some-

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bring about full compensation. Great caution is to be exercised by the

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of the disease. For a long time the symptoms of chronic gastric catarrh.

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cannot repeat test phrosis very well or write Massachusetts or Connecti-

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or lobular) sometimes occurs, and may terminate in gangrene.

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conservative powers of the heart. Oertel, with a view to assisting the

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tions are — (1) Uric-acid calculi, the most frequent in occurrence. Urates

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grasped firmly between the tips of the forefingers. The method is in

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and septic peritonitis caused by an inflamed cord may be met in the

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and restorative effect (Yeo). Among other promising measures may be

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of cases, the end result of an old. case of salpingitis. It will be

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ferred to the soles of the feet. Hyperesthesia of the skin is usually

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diseases, and cachectic conditions in which there is a considerable de-

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known, but they are probably developmental rather than pathologic,

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lessness or laxity of treatment in many instances, or a discon-

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the persistence of the normal infantile condition or of improper cloth-

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the right. In special instances, however, the reverse may obtain, as

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due to interference with the function of the pituitary body. Freund

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second and third left interspaces near to the sternum, or very rarelv in

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(strength 7 : 1000). Later a small quantity of a thin starch solution,

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Diseases of Children. Goodhart & Still. $5.00. P. Blakiston's Son.

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auricle when the blood refuses to flow from an arm vein has also been

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kind of pastime, although an arduous one. For a number of years

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Complications \vhen they arise must be dealt with according to

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obstinate, habitual constipation, and occurs especially in females and

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It should be remembered that some instances of Hodgkin's disease

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gives his personal opinion of the treatment and methods of its application.

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(b) Interstitial Pneumonia. — This is a fibrous infiltration, showing a

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quantity or slightly diminished, but a large amount of ammonium is

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appear and tend to run together ; these form large irregular ulcers, and

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